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B&M Racers Appreciation Series     2001 Rules

Division Points: A racer will claim his or her division at their first race of the year. A racer will claim their first two races out of the division and their best three out of five in the division. You may claim all five divisional races if you wish. In Division 3, you can only claim five of the seven races if you decide to claim all five races in your division.

B&M Number: A racer must also have a B&M number. In most cases you will be eligible to use your own number and put division number in front of it. To get your number you can call 205-251-7311 (pay by MasterCard/Visa), or purchase it at the tower.

Weekend Points: A racer will receive one point per day for entering! (Or three points for the weekend for entering) and one point for every round won during eliminations. If you lose first round and buyback, you will recieve a point if you win the next round!

Rainouts:   In the event a regular three-day B&M points event is shortened to two complete days of racing by weather or other causes, the event will be considered official; all points earned during the two days of racing will count.  Pro drivers will receive a $100 credit towards another B&M event in their claimed division; Footbrake drivers will receive a $35 credit.

Entries:  Only one entry per car.

Hardship Rule:  If a racer breaks their car you will be able to put your number on another car before first round. This must be clarified through the tower. This is the only exception for two drivers one car.

Lane Choice: This is decided by numbering of lanes: odd numbers left lane, even numbers right lane. If lanes are unequal, staging lanes personal will draw card for lane choice.

Bye Runs: The bye run is determined on Friday by the "Run for the Money" winner. You keep the bye until you use it or lose it. It will then go to best reaction time of the round. The winner of Friday's race will have the bye run on Saturday. Same rules will apply Sunday.

Footbrake:  No electronics allowed! This means transbrakes also! Front Engine dragsters and roadsters will be allowed to run footbrake. All other previous rules also apply for footbrake. NOTE: Please see the news item below for Division 3 only!!!

Contingency Program: All cars must run products plus decals to be eligible. Some decals will be available through tech. A complete list of contingency companies will also be displayed at tech and on websites.

No Buying of Rounds: To eliminate this, cars will be pulled randomly by order from staging lanes. So if you want the left lane, you must be in a odd number lane. Same for the right lane. You must be in a even number lane.

Pairing: When the race reaches the quarter finals, cars will be paired by reaction time all the way to final round!

Tech Inspection:  Tech Inspection will follow what ever sanctioning rules apply at the track we are at.

Dial In: Dial In must be displayed on the car before you cross the line at the front of staging.

Buy Backs:  You may buy back first or second round but only once. Buyback will be located in the tower.

Pit Area:  All spectators will be required to wear weekend arm bands. If you do not have one you will be sent to the front gate to get one.

NO DRINKING:  Drinking Alcohol and driving will not be tolerated! If caught you will be suspended!

Four Wheelers/Motorscooters: No one under sixteen allowed to ride in the pit area.This will be enforced!

Payout Window: Payout window closes 15 minutes after eliminations each night. If closed you can pick up money following day!


Transbrakes will be allowed in Division 3 footbrake class this year at the 2001 B&M Series races. This rule only applies to Division 3!

NOTE: A racer, if eligible, will not be allowed however to use a transbrake in DRUSA Footbrake Challenge at this year's MILLION DOLLAR RACE at Atlanta Dragway. For more information on this contact George Howard at


Permanent numbers for the 2001 B&M Series are now on sale. You must have a number to be eligible for a divisional championship. You should be able to use your NHRA or IHRA number. The cost is $35. You can purchase  your number by calling Sherry at (205) 251-7311 or emailing her at

All of this info was taken from the B&M site. If you want any further info please see the link
on the main page or click here