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How Points Are Computed

Sometimes confusion comes from racers buying back in to the second round and points being given for additional rounds or a racer may get to the track too late for the first round but can buy back into the second round, however he should not get points for that either. One other problem is a wrong number being inputted for a certain car, hey it is dark and it happens. So watch your slips, if your car number is wrong, please let the tower know just in case it was not picked up right away. Better to get these things now than to have them rear there ugly heads way into the season. 

This page is to try and clear up confusion, hey you might not be confused but I was. Hope it helps.

The following are the same for Anything Goes & Street Trophy Points Cars.  For these just delete the
buy backs as there are none in these classes.  Example 3 shows this class.

1. You must be in the points program.  (hmm yeah guess that one is a given)

2. You make the following points for each time your car stages:
Exception: If you loose a round and buy back.. NO MORE POINTS! Even if you win the class and bonus round.

Anything Goes - Street Trophy: 10 points
(no buybacks allowed in these classes)

Super Pro: 10 points

Pro: 10 points

Pro Bike: 10 points

Quick 16: This one is tricky.
You get 10 points in Super Pro for each round you stage in Quick 16 plus 20 points in Quick 16.

3. If you never buy back and win your class you get additional round of points in your class for winning.

4. Now for the next trickiest the Bonus Run-Off

Super Pro, Pro and Pro-Bike: Get 10 points in there respective class for each time there car stages.
Quick 16 gets 20 points in Quick 16 and 10 points in Super Pro for each time their car stages.


Example #1:  Your a Quick 16 winner  so you get the following:

80 points plus 20 for winning = 100 points
50 points in Super Pro = 50 points
Say you win the whole Bonus round just for grins here. You would get the following in addition to the above:

40 points in Quick 16 plus another 20 in Quick 16 for winning = 60 Quick 16 points
20 points in Super Pro plus another 10 for winning = 30 Super Pro points

This car would receive for the night the following points:

160 Quick 16 points plus 80 Super Pro points for the day..

Example #2: Your a Super Pro, Pro, or Pro Bike  winner so you get the following:

For this example we will say there is 7 rounds of Super Pro, this can vary.

70 Super Pro points plus an additional 10 for winning = 80 Super Pro points

Ok this car is also the winner of the whole night.. so it will receive the following:

20 points in Super Pro plus an additional 10 Super Pro points for winning

This car would receive for the day the following points:

110 Super Pro points for the day.

Example #3:  In this example your a Street Trophy or Anything Goes Car in Points
You have to go 7 round to the final of your class 
You win your class so you get 70 points for each time you staged plus 10 points for winning = 80 points
At the end of the evening both the winner of Anything Goes and Street go into the Bonus Round 
You Win this also so you would get 10 for staging and 10 for Overall Winner = 20 points

Grand Total for the evening is 100 points

If the Quick 16 car in example one had only gone to the first round of the Bonus Run Off  it would of received the following.

120 Quick 8 points and 60 Super Pro points for the day.

If the Super pro car, Pro Car or Pro Bike had only gone to the first round of the Bonus Run Off it would of received the following:

90 Super Pro points

NOTE: In all cases if you loose first round, you do not get any more points. Your done.