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Scott & Deanna's Goodbye Party

Scott & Deanna-- They had know idea where they were. So many flash bulbs going off.  

The picture of a happy man.  The track is closed and it is
Party Time!!!!


Duh! I won?  Your kidding.. How did I get here???

Mary wondering how Fred is going to like riding home in a wet seat since he forgot to close the window of the truck.


Ahhh come on, sure your pretty but I don't know, that piece of cake is awful big!! 

Looks like a Mutual Admiration Society meeting to me.
(or Dave telling Fred he won't break out next week-- hehe)


Here is Bob Lowry's better and definitely pretty self.

I see from this picture Bob knows how lucky he is <grin>


Well Dang Folks... enough is enough.. a guy has to get some sleep.  Jacob was the wisest of us all.

Debbie Taylor and Cathy Paone.  I loved this picture of them. They are two of  the most charming and lovely ladies I know.

More Pictures to come .. but on my other camera. 
It was a great night... and all had fun.